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Dave's Dragons is a small scale family owned and operated reptile and exotic pets store in Manchester, New Hampshire.  We've been open since November of 2008 and still have new people every week come in and say they've never seen us before.  We're currently located on the front corner Pinardville plaza on Mast Road.  Our shop is run by a small group of very dedicated individuals where our number one priority is public education.  Stop by and visit if you have any herp related questions or just want to experience the world of reptiles. 

Customer Testimonials

>>  Got an awesome lesser platinum ball python male today from Dave's Dragons. This snake is really nice. And the people there that I worked with, Deserae and Dave, were great. Very nice and very responsive. Would buy from them again for sure. - MM 10/2010

>> Wanted to thank you all! Dave, Des, Matt, and the rest of the crew! You have all been very helpful. Thank you for putting up with me. Can't wait to see what the next couple of weeks will bring. Here is a pic of the normal that I have been talking to you all about. - JC 07/2010

>> Dave - I just can't believe how totally AWESOME "Darwin" [tegu] is. He sunbathed on the wood deck yesterday and then patrolled the driveway in the early evening! He wasn't interested in his 'tubby' today, but we went back on the deck for a short while. Now he's napping on the kitchen floor. He ate a small snack yesterday ...and then several small "meatballs" (turkey) this his appetite wasn't compromised by the move to a new home. He's even walked over to me and put his head on me (3 separate times)!!!!!! - MH 05/2010

>> Dave, my daughters and I discovered your store by accident on Saturday and came in to peruse. The girls were in heaven and I saw some amazing animals unlike any I've ever seen before. You and your employees were very patient and friendly with us as we browsed and asked questions, even though I realized after we left we'd hung out until 15 minutes after your closing time! Thank you! We'll definitely be back when it's time for a purchase. In the meantime, we'll be telling all of our friends about your store. - DB 04/2010

Thank You!!! ~ The Dave's Dragon's Team

Please tell us about your experience with Dave's Dragons!

Current Entries

Website:Not Provided
Comments:I went into your store just to look around at all the cool animals with my daughter. It was so interesting i got lost in the store for over a hour. I didnt go into buy anything but left with our new furry member of the family. Mr. Pickles named by my5yr old. Great experience and great staff. This store is definatly worth the trip even just to look around.
Visit Date:11/11/2011
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Daves Dragons is the best pet store I've ever been to, & I love it. The staff was very descriptive with whatever I needed to know. I got a tangerine albino leopard gecko, Jerry, a month ago here and he's doing great. I previously had a sick gecko from Petsmart, Marvin, who had sick tail and he only ate about two crickets a week. However, Jerry attacks about 12 crickets per night. He is really healthy. The experience of buying a pet here is awesome. I really like this store and I really like my pet. I really feel bad for pet store lizards and animals, but this plac takes care of their exotics properly. Jerry loves being held by me and I love holding him. We're buddies for life!
Visit Date:10/24/2011
Name:Ally and Sam
Website:Not Provided
Comments:My wife and I have been searching for an axolotl for several months, and then we came across Dave's Dragons! We found out that they now have juvenile axolotls and could not be more thrilled with our newly acquired little one. We plan on returning for another very soon!
Visit Date:9/28/2011
Location:Northfield, NH
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Just wanted to let you know that our new Pygmy Chameleon, "Eyerene" (yes we picked her up the day before the storm,and our son named her) is doing great! Thank you to Deserae who was very patient with all of our questions, we will be back for sure!
Visit Date:9/21/2011
Location:Wilmington ma.
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Our new fat tail geco July is enjoying his new home, he's eating 10 times more than the one we bought at a pet store chain.(we all know how that turned out) thank you again for taking the time teaching us about taking care of a geco. His name was changed to Bently. For anyone thinking about buying from a pet store chain save your money and shop at Daves Dragons. You will be very happy with the outcome.
Visit Date:9/15/2011
Name:Gina S.
Location:Monadnock Region
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Our family just took home the most beautiful baby bearded dragon from Dave's Dragons that we've named Omni. I must've had a million questions for Deserae and she answered them all w/ ease. You could tell me she truly enjoyed educating us on the ins-and-outs of care for our new family member. Even though we're an hour away, this is THE place to go. We'd just like to say thank you for starting us on our new journey with our first reptile.
Visit Date:8/24/2011
Name:Tina Lane
Location:Manchester, NH
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Dave's Dragons is one of the most helpful, clean, and nicest pet stores I have ever been to. I feel bad for most pets in pet stores but here i'm sure they feel like there royalty, best pet store E V E R!!!
Visit Date:6/29/2011
Location:Merrimack, NH
Website:Not Provided
Comments:Daves Dragons is one of the nicest pet stores I've ever been to. I've gotten a countless amount of reptiles and supplies from here and would never get a reptile from anywhere else. The employees are all very knowledgable and the store, and animal cages, are all kept very clean. Buying an animal from here isn't the usual pet store experience. The staff is always there to supply you with the information and supplies that you need for keeping that animal healthy and happy. I recommend anyone who is interested in exotic pets to take a stop by this store.
Visit Date:4/30/2011
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