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These care sheets are being provided to you for reference on the basic care and housing of your reptile. The individual needs of your pet may differ slightly from these care sheets. Therefore these should be used as a BASIC reference on the care of your animals.

Maine Herpetelogical Society
New York Herpetelogical Society
Austin Herpetelogical Society (Template&CareSheets)
New Hampshire Reptile Society
Dave's Dragons Breeding and Care
Individual NH Breeders

Care Sheets
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Tokay Gecko Care SheetEric RhodesLizard2/28/201120.23 KBDownload
Leopard Gecko Care SheetEric RhodesLizard2/28/201114.55 KBDownload
Veiled Chameleon Care SheetEric RhodesLizards2/28/201113.84 KBDownload
Uromastyx Care SheetEric RhodesLizards2/28/201138.15 KBDownload
Bearded Dragon Care SheetEric Rhodes 3/18/201243.00 KBDownload
Ball Python Care SheetEric RhodesSnakes2/27/201121.17 KBDownload
Corn Snake Care SheetEric RhodesSnakes2/28/201114.66 KBDownload
Boa Care SheetEric RhodesSnake2/28/201140.78 KBDownload