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Reptile Breeding Fact

Most female reptiles can store sperm for weeks, months or even years. Storing sperm allows females to fertilize and lay eggs when climate and conditions are favorable, increasing the likelihood of success for their offspring.

Newest Baby Spotlight

Waiting On Some Babies :)

2014 Expected Breeding

Breeding is one of the most rewarding parts of the reptile hobby!  Even if you don't get to breed at home we love to share the knowledge and excitement with you.  Here are our plans for 2012!

Ball Pythons_________________________________
Males: Lesser Platinum, Spider, Pastel, Cinnamon, Ghost
Females: Pastel, Lesser Platinum, Spider, Mojave, Caramel, Het. Ghosts

..:..What We've Produced In 2012..:..
Clutch 1: Ghost x Het. Ghost = 5 Eggs
Clutch 2: Pastel x Lesser Platinum = 7 Eggs

..:.. What Happened ..:..
Clutch 1: 0.4 Ghost, 0.1 Het. Ghost
Clutch 2: 1.0 Pastel Lesser, 1.3 Lesser, 1.1 Normal

Bearded Dragons______________________________
"Mr. Giggles" - SunblazexSunburst Citrus With Lavendar Bars
"Jugs" - Hypo High Orange Leatherback
And The Ladies - Lefty, Texas, Chica and Mrs. Beardie

..:..What We've Produced In 2012..:..
Clutch 1: HypoHighOrange German Giant x Normal = 22 Eggs
Clutch 2: HiOrange x HypoHighOrange Leatherback = 9 Eggs

..:.. What Happened ..:.. 
Clutch 1: 0.0.1 Hypo and 0.0.2 Normals
Clutch 2: Infertile :(

Frilled Dragons___________________________
Males: "Cyrus"
Females: "Jezabelle and Feather"

..:..What We've Produced In 2012..:..
Breeding Observed

..:.. What Happened ..:.. 

"Chops": Male Albino
"Cuddles": Female Standard
"Porky": Female Albino

..:..What We've Produced In 2012..:..
Waiting On Magic

Even though we don't breed these animals sometimes we get some unexpected surprises.

2 Mystery Eggs - From The Front Display Tank
[[These hatched out to be 2 Lined Day Geckos!]]

 **Number Key:  (Male).(Female).(Unknown)**

In The Incubator

22 Bearded Dragons - 3 Hatched!
2 Day Geckos - Hatched! 
2 Crested Geckos - Hatched!
5 Ball Pythons - Hatched!
  7 Ball Pythons - Hatched!
9 Bearded Dragons - Hatched!